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The concept began in the summer of 2009, when I was at a movie theater and had to use the ladies room. I know this is not a fun subject anyone wants to speak about but let’s face it: As hard as the janitorial folks work to keep a bathroom clean, many women have a way of “hovering” while using the facilities, which can be messy and makes the commode an unfriendly place to park your rump!I thought to myself, I wish I had a small, compact spray cleaner that I could carry with me at all times and is easy to use. Just as Happy Cheeks Toilet Seat Cleaner says—“Spray, Wipe, and Sit”—I wanted to create a product which could give everyone, including myself, peace of mind knowing they can stop hovering for good!

Perfect for travel, perfect for kids, perfect in any situation when you just have to go! I hope not only women, but men will appreciate its use as well!

It took over a year of trademarks, patents, formula, and bottle size selection (which had to be just right; unique in a way that there is no cap to remove, but instead a top that can be twisted with only one finger). Along with artwork and design, one year later Happy Cheeks Toilet Seat Cleaner is ready to market!

Not only was creating this product important to me, but if we could also find a way to give back to a worthy organization, that would make it even better! Like many families, breast cancer has touched our lives and if we could not only create a product that would appeal to everyone, but we could also have a percentage donated towards breast cancer research, then my goal would be complete! I hope you all enjoy Happy Cheeks and thank you for your support towards Breast Cancer Research!

Be sure to check back to our site often as we grow our product line and gain new distribution channels.

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